A woman’s place

Left to right: Erin Dann, Lori Anne Thomas, Apple Newton-Smith Photo credit: John Hrynuik The flight of women out of criminal law is well documented, and those who stay face many obstacles. On the ground floor of historic Osgoode Hall… Continue Reading


Managing #MeToo

Workplaces across Canada are finally acknowledging the need to address sexual misconduct. The series of revelations over the past year that sparked a seismic shift in public awareness of sexual misconduct by powerful men has also cast a harsh spotlight… Continue Reading


Cracking down on corruption

Illustration: Gary Neill Canada is still lagging other countries on anti-corruption, and experts say it needs better tools. Since enacting the Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act, Canada has produced four convictions. Canada’s record on anti-bribery prosecutions is a tiny… Continue Reading


Capping damages

Illustration: Matthew Billington Non-pecuniary damage caps are widely used across Canada, but personal injury lawyers say accident victims are paying the price. It’s been 40 years since the Supreme Court of Canada released its trilogy of rulings that affected the… Continue Reading


Blockchain Reaction

The game-changing technology underpinning crypto-currencies such as bitcoin threatens to supersede lawyers and other trusted intermediaries. Late last year, English online property sales site clicktopurchase.com made news by completing the sale of a residential property only three days after it… Continue Reading


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